Products and APIs

We have been working hard to build a diverse set of products, which can help developers in their integration efforts .

Flexible and Easy Payment Integration Solutions

We fully understand that the payment industry is among the toughest to maintain a healthy margin and be profitable. We have all you need to be your Integrated Payment Solutions.

Pi Connect Cloud

Pi Connect Cloud is truly an ingenious solution for payment devices to be accessed from a web browser or an app (iOS, Android, Windows) without any additional middleware or resident application.

Pi Connect HPF

HPF or Hosted Payment Page is a protected and secure web form created on a PCI Compliance system, that allows secure payment processing on the web. It is the best option in all Card-Not-Present scenarios.

Pi Gift

Pi Gift provides you will a platform to build a closed-loop Gift Card processing and even more values to your products. Pi Gift API is designed to process gift card transactions at the point of sale. 


With Pi ACH API, your customers can make payments using their bank account number or a check. ACH payments can be very useful, particularly in verticals with a high amount of check payments and disbursements.

Transactions Portal

View Your Transactions Anytime, Anywhere

Pi Portal provides you with comprehensive reports of your transactions in real-time. 

Pi Portal supports multi-location businesses

Perform Void and Return directly from Pi Portal

Software Tools

Pi Technologies’ turn-key software tools are designed to help you launch transactions.

Pi Plus

Process Card-Present and Card-Not-Present transactions by calling Pi Plus from your application. It Supports Pax and Djavoo devices

Download Pi Plus

Pi Machine

Stand-alone Windows software to perform credit card transactions of both Card-Present and Card-Not-Present

Download Pi Machine

Pi Gift

Pi Gift is the ultimate Gift card management software. Issue cards, redeem gift cards, and request balance inquires

Pi Commander

Pi Commander is a resident app for Windows. Run Pi Commander and launch RESTful calls to launch a payment device

Multi-Platfom Support

One Integration For All Platforms

Whether you need a payment integration for your iOS application, Android or Windows, Pi APIs are all you will need.