Pi Technologies

We are here for software developers, ISVs, and ISOs !

To provide software developers with our payment processing and payment platform  solutions.
We have developed semi-integrated, Out-of-Scope of PCI solutions for credit card processing to save software developers and ISVs time and money and to keep them on the cutting edge of payment technology.

Semi-Integrated Solutions

Simplify the integration of payment processing into point of sale software, by utilizing semi-integration solutions. 

Device Variety

One single integration brings you a variety of devices from the legacy terminals to the Smart Android PiPads.

Innovative APIs and Products

Our solutions, APIs and products are open to Windows, Linux, Web solutions, iOS, Mac and, Android.

Payment APIs

One Single REST API

Pi REST API is all you need to launch Credit and Debit cards, Gift Cards, and ACH  transactions on a variety of legacy and also smart payment devices.


24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

We take great pride in our work and also our customer service. It is a common practice for us to take the extra step to keep our customers’ operations running smoothly. 



Your partnership with Pi Technologies helps you become more profitable and grow your business faster.  Build a seamless payment experience with our state-of-the-art payment integrations. 



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