Semi-Integrated Architecture

Payment Innovators strictly utilizes the latest semi-integrated devices.   Semi-integrated architecture routes payment data directly from the EMV device to the processor, removing the point-of-sale (POS) from the critical path.    An IP or Bluetooth connected device collects tender, requests authorization, and returns a simple approval to the POS.   Payment Innovator’s cloud-based architecture drives the in-store user experience, and enables a range of value-added services.

Reduced PCI Scope and Improved Security

Because payment data never enters the POS, your POS is fully removed from PCI scope. With the POS out of the payment path, Payment Innovators makes it simple to deploy critical security improvements like P2PE, Tokenization and EMV with Quick Chip.

Flexibility to Evolve Quickly

Simplifying the communication between the PIN pad and POS makes it easy to deploy new payment and marketing solutions. The PIN pad becomes an independent device that can be easily upgraded, serving as a powerful point of customer engagement.