PiConnect PCL

PiConnect offers a PCL (Public Class Library) for integration in UWP, iOS and Android platforms. This is the first and the only solution, which allows you to use a semi-integrated payment processing for PAX and Dejavoo from Xamarin.

Our PCL is fully compatible with Xamarin and .net 4.5 and newer. This PCL is designed for PAX and Dejavoo devices, in fact, we use the PCL in our PIPay credit card processing application, now on Windows Store.

Simply reference to PiConnect PCL (pipaypro.dll) and presto!

PIPay app on Windows StorePIConnect PCL supports the following transactions and methods:

  • Credit Sale
  • Credit Void
  • Credit Return
  • Credit Auth
  • Credit Capture
  • Credit Adjust (Add Tip)
  • Debit Sale
  • Debit Void
  • Debit Return
  • Close Batch
  • Close all Batches (YES! We can do this!)
  • Clear Batch
  • Initialize
  • Quick Read
  • Transaction Details
  • Failed Transactions
  • Total Transactions
  • Last Batch
  • Force Batch Close
  • EBT Sale
  • EBT Void
  • EBT Return
  • Credit Sale with Tokenization
  • Credit Return with Token