PiConnect OMNI

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PiConnect OMNI is a web form that combines technologies from our PiConnect Cloud and PiConnect HPF products into one simple, single integration for omni channel merchants and software solutions.

PiConnect OMNI, just like PiConnect HPF,  is built upon the TSYS platform, and secured by their state-of-the-art, TSEP (Tsys SEcure Payment) methodology, and features simple card vaulting (tokenization) for card-on-file purposes.

PiConnect OMNI is an ideal solution for businesses and software providers that have combinations of card-present and card-not-present transactions.

The simple steps below are all that’s needed to perform a PiConnect OMNI transaction:

1) POST non-sensitive transaction data and retrieve a PTK:

URL: https://stage.pipay.io/hpf/ptkrequest.php
Headers: content-type application/json

2) Render the web form – (append the PTK to the PiConnect URL –  https://pi-stage.com/hpf/hpf?ptk=tNR0dYjLby):

3) Once the transaction is completed via manual entry or EMV device, PiConnect OMNI echos back a JSON response and/or writes it to a responseURL:

“TransactionResult”: true,
“PTK”: “tNR0dYjLby”,
“ResponseMsg”: “Success”,
“ApprovedAmount”: “162.86”,
“TransactionID”: “14951978”,
“AuthCode”: “TAS763”,
“Token”: “9Y0NqRv0RE0z6781”,
“CardType”: “VISA”,
“AccountNum”: “6781”,
“ExpDate”: “022025”,
“TicketId”: “invoice-14161”,
“UserID”: “Joe”,
“ResponseCode”: “A0000”,
“HostCode”: “807213500827”,
“TaskID”: “14550798”,
“Timestamp”: “2018-03-13T06:53:12”,
“AvsResponse”: “0”,
“CommercialCard”: “0”,
“FirstName”: null,
“LastName”: null,
“BusinessID”: “1512407959”,
“UniqueID”: “0509802001520949193”,
“IPAddress”: “”,
“TransType”: “SALE”,
“Method”: “creditsale”,
“PaySource”: “PHONE”,
“CustomerReceipt”: null,
“MerchantReceipt”: null,
“ExtField1”: “”,
“ExtField2”: “”,
“ExtField3”: “”