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PiCommander is another full-featured tool for developers in order to have a seamless integration with EMV devices.

PiCommander is a resident application for Windows.   As long as PiCommander is installed and running on one Windows-based machine on your local network, all your devices, regardless of platform, will be able to make a single, local, RESTful GET in order to process EMV transactions.

Pi Commander - Pax Semi-Integrated Middle-ware


Download PICommander

           Download PICommander

PiCommander calls are a simple, local GET:

PiCommander returns a JSON response when the transaction is complete:

 "TransactionID": "3",
 "TicketID": "receipt23",
 "TransType": "SALE",
 "Timestamp": "20171216151740",
 "ResponseMsg": "OK",
 "ResponseCode": "000000",
 "ExtraBalance": null,
 "RawResponse": null,
 "RefNum": "88888888",
 "HostResponse": "DEMO APPROVED",
 "HostCode": "0",
 "CvResponse": null,
 "CardType": "VISA",
 "AccountNum": "3375",
 "AvsResponse": null,
 "ApprovedAmount": 80,
 "AmountDue": 0,
 "TipAmount": 0,
 "AuthCode": "000000",
 "CVM": null,
 "CID": "40",
 "ARC": "00",
 "IAD": "06010A03600000",
 "APPPN": null,
 "APPLab": "Visa Credit",
 "ATC": "0009",
 "TSI": "6800",
 "AID": "A0000000031010",
 "TVR": "8080008000",
 "TC": "6C2DB3563A0AAD3C",
 "CardBin": "441840",
 "SerialNo": "53211269",
 "EntryMode": "Chip",
 "TransactionResult": true,
 "UniqueId": "53211269-3",
 "Token": null,
 "ExpirationDate": "0121"