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PiConnect DLL 3.4.0 released


Today we released a new and improved version of our piconnect.dll. Please visit Nuget Gallery to download the recently update library.

PiConnect 3.4.0 on Nuget Gallery

In this version we have added several new transaction types, improved functions and a few bug fixes. PiConnect 3.4.0 is less than 100 KB and includes unique features such as:

  • Call past transactions
  • Full tokenization (when offered by the device)
  • Automatic IP update
  • Error corrections and transaction re-try
  • Close batch for all PAX devices on the network

and much more.

Our PiCommander product has also been updated by utilizing PiConnect 3.4.0.


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PIPay in Windows app Store


We are proud to announce the release of the very first and the only solution for semi-integrated EMV and chip card processing for PAX credit card terminals and Pinpads.

As of December 25th 2017, PIPay is available for download on Windows app store. The app is free and you can get it from Windows Store.

We are especially excited about this product, because it was made possible, after our PIConnecr PCL was released. Without PIConnect PCL you will not be able to build and app for Windows store, iOS or Android by merely using PAX’s original library (POSLink).

PIConnect PCL is a library for PAX semi-integrated devices, developed entirely by our developers at PI Technologies,  that provides a great set of tools to developers in order to build apps with chip and EMV card processing capabilities, for iOS, Android and Windows Universal Platform (UWP).

PIConnect PCL uses .NET 4.5 and newer and also .Net Core, which makes a great tool for semi-integrated development in Xamarin.

PIPay app, presents two solutions in one:

  1. Card-present transactions with PAX terminals.
  2. Card-not-present transaction by using PIConnect HPF (Hosted Payment Page).

PIPay app benefits from our very own proprietary solutions for semi-integrated payments and hosted payment pages.

Please visit PIConnect PCL product page to learn more about this exclusive product and download your free copy.

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PIConnect Goes Level 2


PIConnect HPF and Omni now support level 2 business and corporate card processing, assuring merchants the best possible rates.

Three additional fields including Tax, Customer code and PO number are all that’s required.

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PIConnect HPF


PIConnect HPF with golden chip is the latest innovation from PI Technologies. HPF as a hosted payment form to process card-not-present transactions, has been utilized to also launch card-present transactions.