For Software Developers:

  • Operating system agnostic solutions – RESTful API’s with no middleware or resident components
  • Browser, Desktop and Mobile friendly API’s
  • Simple API’s with sample code and emulated responses – start integration work today!
  • Omni Channel API’s allowing a single integration for card-present and card-not-present
  • Readily available integration support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Technology only, processor agnostic solutions, or couple with merchant acquiring and earn a healthy residual

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For Payment Processing ISOs:

We fully understand that your industry is among the toughest to maintain a healthy margin and retain merchants.  Technology has become an indispensable part of any successful ISO.  On the other hand,  it is very expensive, time consuming and difficult to build, manage and maintain a development and technical team.  We have all you need to be your Integrated Payments Division.

  • A viable option when a merchant or partner approaches you and wants integrated payments assistance
  • A cost effective option versus building, maintaining, or becoming experts at the terminal manufacturers APIs.
  • A cost effective solution for you and your merchants – Utilize PIConnect for as little as $5 per month per MID
  • We work with your merchants and potential software partners to embed integrated payment processing that works with the processor of choice
  • You build a stronger relationship, lower attrition by utilizing integrated payments

All of these an many more services remove the burden of having your own Integrated Payment department and helps you save tens of thousands of dollars every year while building a sticky, long-lasting relationship with your customers and partners.

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Why Semi-Integrated:

Overwhelmingly, integrated payments in the U.S. are going the way that Europe and Canada have offered for years, a semi-integrated approach using semi-integrated peripherals.

These devices communicate directly with the processor and contain an EMV-certified application. The approach prevents the ISV from storing, processing or transmitting sensitive card data which assists their PCI position remaining out-of-scope for PA-DSS. This also relieves them of any need to do an EMV certification. The challenge with the semi-integrated choices currently, is dealing with the manufacturer’s API’s and integration support. The API’s are complicated and the manufacturers simply can’t provide personal integration support. Payment Innovators fills that gap with the PIConnect API’s and has made the integration project hours instead of weeks, abstracting all the complication from the manufacturer’s APIs.