PIConnect HPF

HPF or Hosted Payment Page is a protected and secure web form created on a PCI Compliance system, that allows secure payment processing on the web.

PIConnect HPF is built upon TSYS platform and secured bt TSEP (Tsys SEcure Payment).

PIConnect HPF solution is the best option for eCommerce, payments over the phone, MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) and Card-Not-Present scenarios.

First you have to request a PI Transaction Token (PTK) and then you enter card number and expiration date and PIConnect HPF runs your transaction.

PIConnect HPF is highly secure, customizable and has a very unique feature, where allows you to use the same form in a car-present environment to launch transactions on your PAX device.

PIConnect HPF

PIConnect HPF – Ideal solution for Card-Not-Present and eCommerce.

PIConnect results is in JSON format.

PTK Request:

“method” : “creditsale”,
“userid”:”Team 12″,

HPF Call:


PIConnect – HPF: Click here for the API