PIConnect DLL

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PiConnect DLL is a Windows based dynamic-link library (DLL) to manage EMV devices, providing a simple solution for legacy Windows based software applications. The DLL works with .net 2.0 and higher.   Simply add a reference to piconnect.dll in your software and off you go.

After experiencing integration with the DLL provided by the manufacturer, it became clear that there has to be a better and faster way.    The PIConnect DLL is built from the ground up and has no dependencies on the manufacturers libraries.

The piconnect.dll is now on Nuget Gallery !


Before you can start the integration you need to have the following:

  • A PAX terminal – We recommend the PAX S300 for testing purposes. You can order your PAX terminal here, or if you own a PAX, please contact us at integration@paymentinnovators.com and we’ll assist with configuration.
  • Establish a developer account with Payment Innovators. You can use 1502122693 as your temporary developer account to start the development immediately. Please click here and submit your request for a developer account.
  • Please make sure to sign our Non-disclosure agreement as well.

PIConnect DLL contains the following methods:

  • Credit Sale
  • Credit Void
  • Credit Return
  • Credit Auth
  • Credit Capture
  • Credit Adjust (Add Tip)
  • Debit Sale
  • Debit Void
  • Debit Return
  • Close Batch
  • Close all Batches (YES! We can do this!)
  • Clear Batch
  • Initialize
  • Quick Read
  • Transaction Details
  • Failed Transactions
  • Total Transactions
  • Last Batch
  • Force Batch Close
  • EBT Sale
  • EBT Void
  • EBT Return
  • Credit Sale with Tokenization
  • Credit Return with Token