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We are here for software developers  and ISOs !

To provide software developers with processor and platform agnostic payment solutions.
We are the integrated payment department for credit card processors to save them time and money and to keep them on the cutting edge of payment technology.

Our mission is to:PI Technologies - Payment Innovators

  • Simplify the integration of payment processing into point of sale software, by utilizing semi-integration solutions.
  • Untangle the technical nightmare of dealing with multiple devices and platforms.
  • Give every small to medium size ISO, effective tools to help them build a stronger and long lasting relationship with their merchants.
  • Provide small businesses with products and solutions to take advantage of payment technologies advances.
  • Open an Omni-Channel solution, which works across the many sales channels, from eCommerce to in-store card present transactions and phone orders.

Broad range of products and solutions enables us to support  most payment integration projects from Legacy point of sale software to modern cloud systems.

We are just as agnostic about the operating systems as we are with payment processors! Our solutions, APIs and products are open to Windows, Linux, Web solutions, iOS, Mac and Android and anything in between.

Simplicity is our goal and we have done a great job building a smart, agile, inclusive and simple platform!

Our Products

PIConnect Omni

PIConnect Omni is a single integration method to manage Card-Present and Card-Not-Present transactions.

Utilizing the PIConnect HPF with an added feature to also launch EMV device transactions. PIConnect tokenization is another feature in our Omni-Channel solution.

PIConnect Cloud

PIConnect Cloud is truly an ingenious solution for PAX devices to be accessed from a web browser , or an app (iOS, Android, Windows) without any additional middle ware of resident program.

You can launch transactions by making a call to our endpoints and receive responses in JSON format.

PIConnect HPF

HPF or Hosted Payment Form is a protected and secure web form created on a PCI Compliance system, that allows secure payment processing on the web.

PIConnect HPF is built upon TSYS platform and secured by TSEP (Tsys SEcure Payment). HPF is an essential part of our Omni-Channel solution.


PICommander is a resident app for Windows. As long as you run PICommander on just Windows-based machine on your local network, all your devices, regardless of platform, will be able to make RESTful calls in order to process EMV, Swipe and Contactless transactions.

PIConnect PCL

PIConnect offers a PCL (Public Class Library) for integration in UWP, iOS and Android platforms.

Our PCL is fully compatible with Xamarin and .net 4.5 and newer. This PCL is deisgned for PAX devices and we will be releasing our first app with this library.

PIConnect DLL

A Windows-Based  dynamic-link library (DLL)  for PAX devices, which provides a solution for older Windows-Based software applications. This DLL works with .net 2.0 and higher. Simply add a reference to piconnect.dll in your software and off you go. This product will be on Nuget soon!

Recent News

PIConnect Goes Level 2

PIConnect HPF and Omni now support level 2 business and corporate card processing, assuring merchants the best possible rates. Three additional fields including Tax, Customer code and PO number are all that’s required.

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PIConnect HPF

PIConnect HPF with golden chip is the latest innovation from PI Technologies. HPF as a hosted payment form to process card-not-present transactions, has been utilized to also launch card-present transactions.  

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